DANSK The Young Boys “family”

This is our Danish family:

The Danish part of the family
Football Business Development is a Danish holding company who wants to split the efforts in three:

  1. Young Boys Football Development. A Danish club that plays in 3rd Division (fourth tier) in Denmark
  2. Young Business. A company that holds three companies: Webbler.dk, Mediating.dk and NoWayBack.dk &
  3. Young Boys Academy, TZ. An international NGO build on the same values.

We wants to build young Danish boys between 18-25. Not only on the pitch (body) – but we also train the boys to be successful in business (mind) through Young Business. And some of them will also be involved in the NGO-work at Young Boys Academy.

When we say that young boys in Denmark also gets two chances (in life) we mean:

  1. The chance to become a fulltime professional footballer. From Young Boys and further.
  2. The chance to get a business- career. From Young Business and further.